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Hawaiian Sunrise Shells

Sunrise Shell Necklaces
These shells are known as Sunrise shells because they're easiest to spot in the early morning and they resemble a Hawaiian sunrise.
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Item# HSPD_014
Sunrise Shell Pendant
Beautiful 32 mm bright yellow with a very nice pink on the fan of the Sunrise shell. This is a will be one of the choice for a beautiful gift from island of Hawaii to you your love one.
Price: $235.00
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Item# HSPD_002
Sunrise Shell Pendant
This beautiful orange & light green Sunrise shell with beautiful light pink and gray on the fan can be use to be create your beautiful pendant or cusom make on a lei. Sunrise measures 30 mm.
Price: $350.00
Sunrise,Shell,Shells,Kauai,Hawaii,Hawaiian,jewelry,Natural,Niihau,HAWAII 5-O,Five-O,rare,seashell,pendant,necklace,ring,bracelet,earrings,north,shore,oahu,beach,surf,ocean,langford,pecten,Langford's,seashells,puka
Item# HSPD_001
Sunrise Shell Pendant
This beautiful yellow, orange & Pink Sunrise shell will be a beautiful gift as a pendant or custom make on a lei for you or your love one. Sunrise measures 24 mm.
Price: $320.00
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