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Janji Rarities has a large selection of coins and bank notes from Thailand and around the world. Please check back often as new items are added frequently.

In 1994, with the restoration of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the return of peace after decades of war, Cambodia issued its first coins for circulation in 15 years. The four coin set consists of the steel 50, 100 and 200 Riels coins and the bi-metallic 500 Riels. These attractively designed coins feature ancient buildings and traditional Cambodian symbols.

Item# CBC_001

Item# CBC_002

Item# CBC_003

Item# CBC_004
50 Riels

100 Riels

200 Riels

500 Riels

This coin from the Kingdom of Cambodia includes the aluminum 10, 20 and 50 cent coins dated 1959. The 10 cent coin pictures an ornate Garuda bird. The 20 cent piece features a bound Constitution on an urn with the sun above and water below. The Royal coat-of-arms is on the 50 cent piece. All three coins are Uncirculated.

Item# KBC_001

Item# KBC_002

Item# KBC_003
10 cent 1959

20 cent 1959

50 cent 1959

FRENCH INDO-CHINA COIN FIC_001, FIC_002 Price $ 3.99 FiC_003, FIC_004 Price $4.99 French Indo-China consisted of France’s colonies in South-East Asia that later became the nations of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This set consists of the bronze 1/2 cent coin, the 1 Cent coin and the copper-nickel 5 Cent and 10 Cent coins. The lower three denominations were made with holes in them.The coins date from 1935 to 1940. They are attractive coins that were struck at the Paris mint.

Item# FIC_001

Item# FIC_002

Item# FIC_003

Item# FIC_004
1/2 Cent

1 Cent

5 Cents

10 Cents


Item# KKC_001
The world did nothing while the Khmer Rouge government of Cambodia slaughtered over a million of their citizens in an effort to create a communist paradise in Cambodia. Finally in December 1978 the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and chased out the Khmer Rouge. In 1979 a new government was created for Cambodia and the country was renamed Kampuchea. Only a single coin was issued for circulation while the country was called Kampuchea. It was this aluminum 5 cent piece dated 1979. At one time the coin sold for $20!
Laos is a landlocked nation bordering Vietnam. Because of its strategic location, it was pulled into the Vietnam war. Laos issued its first coins in 1952, when it was gaining independence from France. The coins were issued by the Kingdom of Laos and consist of 10, 20 and 50 Cent pieces struck in aluminum at the Paris Mint. All three coins were struck with a center hole to allow for the coins to be easily strung and carried. It appears the hole was an afterthought in the design process as it pierces the center of the design, rather than incorporating the hole into an artistic design. The communist-backed Pathet Lao immediately began a civil war when the country was to get its independence. The war continued until 1975 when the government surrendered after the fall of South Vietnam and Cambodia. It was not until 1980 that Laos issued its second set of coins for general circulation. These consisted of the 10, 20 and 50 Att, also struck in aluminum and issued by the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The designs of the 1980 coins feature the denomination in large numbers, with a small picture below. A woman holding grain is on the 10 Att, a farmer plowing is on the 20 Att and a fish is on the 50 Att. The reverse features the national arms, which include a hammer and sickle.

Item# KLA_001

Item# KLA_002

Item# KLA_003
Kingdom of Lao 1952 10 ATT

Kingdom of Lao 1952 20 ATT

Kingdom of Lao 1952 50 ATT

Item# LAC_001

Item# LAC_002

Item# LAC_003
Lao 10 ATT 1980 KM 22-24

Lao 20 ATT 1980 KM 22-24

Lao 50 ATT 1980 KM 22-24

In 2003 Vietnam released their first coins in over a quarter of a century. An entire generation had grown up without ever using coins. The government finally bowed to the requests of merchants and citizens who wanted the convenience of coins for use in vending machines. There were reports that many children who had never seen a coin before tried to eat them thinking they were candy. The brass 5000 Dong coin pictures the Chua Mot Cot temple in Hanoi. The brass 2000 Dong shows a traditional high-roofed house. The brass 1000 Dong shows a temple in the ancient capital of Hue. The copper-nickel 500 and 200 Dong coins portray their denomination in large numerals. All five coins are dated 2003 and show the arms of Vietnam on the reverse.

Item# VNC_001

Item# VNC_002

Item# VNC_003
Vietnam 200 Dong 2003

Vietnam 500 Dong 2003

Vietnam 10000 Dong 2003

Item# VNC_004

Item# VNC_005
Vietnam 2000 Dong 2003

Vietnam 5000 Dong 2003


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